2021 - Present

An ongoing catalogue of inspirations forming in text, images, video and sound. 

06/2021 ︎
1979  Fascinating Experiments in Physics by François Cherrier
2012  NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity
N.D    Morrocan House by Aziza Azi
N.D    Festen Architecture Project for AD Magazine
1988  Michael and Eva Chow by Francois Halard
by Me
N.D    Jai Alia by Yosigo, Unknown
N.D    Michael Clark Company
1979  Stran (Slide) by Robert Rauschenberg
1979  Night Crawler (Slide) by Robert Rauschenberg
2018  Late Works Event Poster by Les Nation
N.D   (Found on It’s Nice That) 
2021  Adobe Screen Grab by Me
N.D    PDF by Tiger Dingsun
N.D    Installation Pieces by Lane Walkup 
2020 Magazine For Young Girls by Wei Ting Wong and Ji Soo Eom
2021  Screen Grab from
2020 Screen Grab from Cargo Newsletter 
2021  Funny Tweet by Sarah Brniç
2018  Sunset Through The Window by Me
2021  Jungle Gym by Me
2021  Orange Place by Me
2020 Photoplates In Real Life by Me
2021  Valid To Closing Time by Julia Sabiniarz

I do not own the rights to any images credited above.
Any recs are welcome !! ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎